R A D I C A L  O R D E R 

Radical Order is an original painting that is digitally printed onto fabric and can be used to create a unique fashion garment or a statement piece for your home.  It looks gorgeous on all of the fabric types and its use is only limited by your imagination.

  • Prices vary according to 'fabric type' option
  • Quantity is by the metre
  • Allow 3 - 4 weeks for delivery.
  • Product photos are for inspiration purposes ONLY and are NOT products that are currerently availabe.
  • Colors may vary according to different screen viewing

R A D I C A L - O R D E R

Fabric Type
  • Cotton Poplin

    100% cotton fabric with a fine weave and crisp, smooth feel.Perfect for quilting, shirting, skirts, dresses, pajamas, and home decor.

    Linen Cotton Canvas

    55% linen, 45% cotton fabric with a versatile medium weight and textured feel. Perfect for tablecloths, tea towels, dresses, bags, and pillows

    Quilters Cotton

    100% natural cotton fabric that's versatile, soft and easy to sew.Perfect for quilting, craft projects, costuming, toys and accessories



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