S U S P E N D E D - S K Y

Suspended Sky creates an illusion that each layer of paint,  appears to have been thrown up in the air and then  suspended in space. The colours and movement of the sky,  just following a magical sunset , have for just a moment frozen in time . These are my  imaginings as each layer of colour is dripped, thrown and splashed over the canvas. This is a large scale painting of luscious layers of colour  that can be hung vertically or horizontally. Compositionally, the abstract nature of the work is equally balanced for both positions and will be a statement piece in any room. Check out the video  to see the making of this painting. It is ready to hang with wire on the back and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

S U S P E N D E D - S K Y

  • M A T E R I A L S  &  F I N I S H

    • Acrylic paint 
    • Stretched canvas                                  
    • Satin finish
    • Signed on the front

    S I Z E

    • 183cm x 122cm
    • Ready to hang

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